Hello Beautifull Women

Well, everyone can have their own perception of this thing that whether beauty and brain can go together or not.

According to me, if we look at the present scenario, beauty plays a very important role in our lives before discussing anything about the relation of beauty with a brain I would like to say that. What according to me beauty exactly means, beauty for me is a thing of joy forever, beauty is something that never fades from one's life. It is something that is not inherited from somewhere rather, we create it. Being beautiful is not about having good looks, pleasant personality, it is the way you represent yourself. It is the way you talk to others, being beautiful according to me has nothing to do with the looks.

Having a beautiful heart and a pleasant personality is what makes you beautiful and when we talk about brain. Brain is the functional part of our body system. Well, who says beauty has nothing to do with the brain, in today's world, it had become one of the important things. Beauty always adds to brain. I am not saying that brain alone isn't enough to achieve something but yes of course if have beauty with brain, there is always a kind of greater probability of having success in a particular thing. Beauty alone is never capable of achieving something for me, beauty is all about your personality. What kind of person you are and yes brain is always required to utilize this beauty in a better way. So all that I would like to say is beauty and brain can of course go together. No doubt as my friends are saying that there are so many people who aren't beautiful had achieved so many things in their lives. But as I had already explained beauty has nothing to do with the outer looks rather it is all about one's soul, one's personality. That is what makes you different from all others that is what makes you the most beautiful one.

Love of beauty is Taste.

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